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Manila Doctors Hospital in Manila - Philippines

Manila Doctors Hospital started operations in 1956 in Manila. The hospital is owned and governed by the Manila Medical Services, Inc. (MMSI). The MMSI was incorporated by 14 physicians in 1953 as a prelude to establishing MDH in United Nations Avenue, Ermita, Manila. In February 27, 1979, the Metrobank Foundation, Inc. (MBFI) became the majority stockholder of MMSI. The MDH has been envisioned by MBFI to be its major corporate social responsibility project in health. In May, 2003, the term of existence of MMSI has been extended to another 50 years (2053).

Since its beginning, Manila Doctors Hospital has been a private tertiary hospital with an authorized bed-capacity of 300. Over the years, it has continually developed its entire medical and support departments to become one of the top five hospitals and top of mind hospital in Metro Manila.  Infrastructure wise, it started with a single 5-story building in 1956. In August 15, 1984, an 8-story Medical Arts Center was built to house more clinics for physicians given the privilege to practice in the hospital. In July, 1989, a 12-story Norberto Ty Medical Tower was built to house more patient rooms and provide more spaces for ancillary and other support services. Major renovations started in 2003 up to the present (2006). In December 8, 2003, the Metrobank Foundation Hall established at the Penthouse of Norberto Ty Medical Tower was inaugurated. In 2004, the 5-story Ancillary Services Center in 2004 was completed and housed the Industrial Medical Services Department, Medical Records, Finance Department, Dormitory, and Chapel. In December 8, 2005, the 5-story Dona Salustina Medical Tower was established and housed more physicians' clinics and ancillary services as well as parking spaces and the hospital cafeteria.

Equipment wise, it has progressively acquired state of the art diagnostic and therapeutic equipment. At present, it has more recent models of CT Scan, Gamma Camera Scan, and laparoscopic equipment. Quality management system wise, in December, 2005, MDH became the first hospital in Manila to be ISO 9001:2000 certified. It continued to be accredited by the Department of Health and PhilHealth.

Medical training wise, it now has 10 accredited medical specialty residency and fellowship programs, namely: residencies in Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, General Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Family and Community Medicine, Ophthalmology, Otorhinolarynogology, and Radiology, and fellowships in Pulmonology and Gastroenterology. Corporate social responsibility wise, MDH has been conducting in-hospital social service programs, social service programs for underserved communities, and medical-surgical missions out side the hospital.

Administration wise, from 1956 to 2002, the medical director was being assisted by the administrator appointed by the Sisters of the Congregation of Saint Paul of Charles in the day-to-day governance of MDH. From 2002 to 2004, MDH was administered by a hospital director from the Hospitalia, International. From 2005 to present, the hospital director is being assisted by 3 directorates and 7 division heads in the day-to-day administration of MDH. The Corporate Planning Office was established in 2005 to facilitate, develop and coordinate the corporate, strategic and operational planning processes and activities of the hospital. Formal strategic planning and annual planning conferences have been held regularly since 1999.

Health Screening Services
Local Pre-employment Medical Examination
Annual Medical Examination
Overseas Medical Examination
Pre-employment Examination
Pre-enrollment Medical Examination
Pre-deployment Medical Examination
Immigration Medical Examination
Repatriation Medical Examination
Executive Check-up Medical Examination
Resolution of Health Problems
Diagnostic Work-up Services
Special Health Services
DOTS Medical Services

No. 667 United Nations Avenue
Ermita, Manila, Philippines

Manila Doctors Hospital map with street view

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Manila Doctors Hospital in Manila, Philippines with hospital map street view, read detail about Manila Doctors Hospital.

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